On this HUD page you can find the nail polishes for your fingernails and toenails.

There are 5 shapes for fingernails to choose from. Or you can choose the no nails option, in case you want to wear mesh nails made for the Lara body by other creators (or if you are wearing system gloves in BoM mode).

Ankle lock
The ankle lock can be toggled if an animation ‘breaks' your ankles and make the feet look weird.

The feet were made resize-able in version 5.2. Setting the foot size slider to 25 ensures the feet will be the same size as they were before. That way all older footwear will fit exactly as it did.

Feet shape
There are two new feet shapes added to the flat, mid and high feet: low and ballet. By pressing the main icon of the foot shape of your choice, both feet will get the chosen shape. By clicking the R or L side, you are able to have a different foot shape for each foot (which can sometimes be nice for photography). There is a new kit at the store for creators of footwear. This Feet Auto-Select script can be placed in the content of your shoes, to auto select the appropriate foot shape when the shoes get attached.

Bento hands
At the bottom of this page you find the animations for your bento hands. The small hand icons for left (L) and right (R) side will set that hand in that pose. This is in particular interesting for photography. The ‘cycle natural hand poses’ can be toggled on for a constant, but slow movement of your bento hands. The movements of this bento hands AO will be added to your regular AO.

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