Saturday, August 5, 2017

Amala Bikini


The Amala bikini is available in 12 colors/textures and there is a fully customisable fatpack option that has 24 bonus colors and the ability to recolor the strings separately for a contrasting effect. The strings and tassels can be hidden, allowing for more layering options. You can find this new Maitreya release at our booth at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair (MBA fair)

tp to the MBA Fair

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Maitreya Mesh body Lara Update V4.1

Today we sent out an update for the Maitreya mesh body Lara: V4.1

Based on the feedback we received from so many of you about the 4.0 update, we have:
- Re-installed the minimize function by clicking the logo bar
- Added a "cycle natural hand poses" button to the HUD.
- Added an "ankle lock" to correct the heel on the tiptoe feet for poses that break them.
- Added an optional mini AO HUD, with just the hand poses.
- Fixed an alpha auto-hide error
- Fixed a potential issue with nail polish vs gloves (alpha glitch)

Re-attaching your current mesh body or wearing it on login, will trigger the updater.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Maitreya Bento Hands

It took us a while... at times it felt like forever ;), but we are happy to announce that our bento hands are finally ready and released!

There are two wonderful things about having bento hands. One is that with the 14 added hand poses you now have 14 different hand shapes included with your mesh body (just like having a 'mesh hands fatpack'). The second great thing about this is that Bento hands allow for finger movement, if you have a bento AO, making your hands dynamic and the options for how your hands appear endless.

Maitreya Bento Hands">

The 14 hand poses on the lara HUD can be used in combination with all your model poses and AOs. We also added 2 new nail shapes (Almond nails and Stiletto nails) to this Lara update and the ability to hide the nails completely, which makes the hands better compatible with 3rd party nails.
The best thing about the Maitreya Bento hands though, is that you will get them for free if you own the Lara mesh body. Wearing your mesh body will trigger the updater to send the updated version with all this yummy newness!
We hope you will enjoy this gift, as an expression of our gratitude for your support!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Twist Dress and Low Sneakers

Todays release is the perfect late summer/early fall outfit. Sexy, stylish and very contemporary!

Maitreya Twist Dress 􀀁

The Twist Dress is a tight, figure hugging dress with a nice fabric twist in the front. From the back it looks like a skirt with a bra-top. It comes in 12 beautiful colors and the HUD-driven fatpack has 12 bonus colors! (The fatpack already gives a discount of more than 50% for the 12 colors, on top of that it contains the 12 extra colors). The dress comes in a fitted mesh size for the Lara mesh body and in the 5 standard sizes. 􀀁

Maitreya Low Sneakers 2

These trending Low Sneakers come in two sizes (37 and 39), for both the Maitreya and the Slink feet flat. The larger size is recommended for taller avatars, but both sizes will fit your feet. The fatpack of these sneakers is fully customizable. It has many texture options and colors and the different parts (main, tongue/toe, logo, laces and heel tab) can be separately re-colored. With all the textures options in the fatpack HUD you can be creative and make your own unique sneaker design. We have created 17 of our favorite sneaker styles as single color options. Note that the single colors do not come with a HUD and can't be recolored. The demo at the store is the fatpack demo, so it allows you to see (and count) all the options and styles that can be made with the fatpack. As a matter of fact, we want to challenge you to calculate how many different sneaker designs can be created with this fatpack. If you get the correct answer you could win the Low Sneakers fatpack, or if you already purchased the fatpack, you can win 2500 L in store credit. This little contest is prolonged till Saturday 23:59 am SLT. You can send your answer in a notecard to Gryphon Ronas. From the correct answers we will draw 10 lucky winners. A little hint: you will need to use a formula to calculate this, because manually counting the design options will take a very long time :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Important Announcement for Mesh Creators

Designers who work from template mesh are an important part of the mesh clothing industry in Second Life, and we seek to provide venues where they can buy the raw materials without the worry of being subjected to legal action or takedowns due to circumstances that were beyond their control.

So, by popular demand we have decided to open up dev kit applications for full permission creators. There is one important restriction and that is that you can't sell, transfer or in any way share the .DAE, .FBX, or any other file format that contains the weights. Selling the full permission items made with our kit is limited to selling inworld copies. We welcome full permission stores who have a strong TOS and who themselves have been respectful about the property and copyrights of others, to apply for a full perm kit license. We will of course add this category to our blog list of approved developers, as a reliable source for everyone who seeks legal, properly fit, high quality full permission (or also called template) mesh.

If you are a 'Full Perm' designer/creator, we are asking that you please complete the application form (again, I know....) and select the Full Permissions option.  This will help us get to you much faster because having to go back through that list and read every entry to find you will take forever...

The application can be found here: Mesh Creation Kit Application

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mihira Bikini

Maitreya Mihira Bikini

We have a new Lara mesh body exclusive Bikini in store. The Mihira bikini comes with an optional jewelry piece. This boho style jewelry piece has a color-change HUD for the metal and the stones (metal in 5 color options, the stones in 6 options). The bikini is available in 12 colors and textures. The fatpack is fully HUD-driven with all 12 colors plus 6 bonus colors!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Maitreya Naomi Bodysuit

We have two brand new items for the Lara mesh body out at the MBA fair. The Naomi bodysuit is available in 8 colors. The HUD driven fatpack comes with 4 bonus colors! The little string knot at the bottom can be hidden, to wear this bodysuit with the new High Waisted Jeans shorts. The high waisted jeans shorts are available in 6 colors and also have a HUD driven fatpack option. There are two versions of the shorts included: torn and rolled. Both versions come with an optional leather belt.

Maitreya High Waisted Shorts

You can find both new releases at the MBA Fair