Wednesday, November 22, 2023

We proudly present an entirely new version, a next generation of Lara: LaraX

The long anticipated arrival of our neXt generation Lara mesh body is finally here! If you update your Lara mesh body you will find the LaraX body in the folder, alongside your original Lara mesh body. There is a redeliver button on your Lara HUD -> misc page, or you can use the redelivery terminal at the store.

The LaraX body was made with all your requests in mind: it is a rounder, softer version of Lara, with smoother weights (which was a request from many content creators who had to work with the kit). We have improved the shape of the shoulders and arms, slimmed the wrists down a bit, smoothened the ankles and wrists, improved the weights of the breasts to look better on higher slider settings, we added a jiggle option for the butt (physics), and improved the geometry flow of the body for a softer and more defined shape.

These changes to the mesh and to the weights do imply that content that was made for Lara most often will not fit the LaraX body. The LaraX body should be perceived as a new and different mesh body, requiring it’s own size mesh clothes. For this reason the LaraX is not a replacement of your original Lara body, but a complementary body. For your existing wardrobe you can keep wearing your original Lara and as more and more things will be made for LaraX, you can switch over or switch between them as you wish.

As many of you have also requested, the LaraX alpha HUD has more and smaller sections to alpha out in the torso area. The alpha auto-hide script (that is often used in mesh clothing) is still the same. But because the alpha sections are different, it is important to set the script up for the right body. Content made for Lara, containing an alpha auto-hide script, will not hide the correct parts on LaraX

The hands and feet haven’t changed, so footwear and hand jewellery that was made for Lara, will also fit LaraX. Skins, BoM layers and appliers will all still work on LaraX as well.

The LaraX and LaraX Petite bodies come with the beautiful Venus skin from Velour, in 20 skintones (skin presets in the HUD and BoM layers)! Also included for LaraX and for LaraX Petite are 3 gorgeous lingerie sets by Addams, Blueberry and Velour!!

There is also a LaraX version for the Petite add-on and we have introduced a full body option for petite now too. For those who bought the Petite Add-on for their Lara body before there was a choice (between full body or add-on), we made a special redeliver option in the redelivery, with the full body Petite as an extra. For people who don’t yet own the Petite there will simply be a choice between the Petite as add-on (which requires the Lara/LaraX body) or the Petite as full body, if they don’t own the Lara/LaraX body.

The Flat Chest Add-on has not yet been made compatible with LaraX. We hope to complete that the coming weeks. As soon as we finish that, we will release it like the Petite.

We will also be working on LaraX (and LaraX Petite) updates for our clothes collection at the Maitreya store.

We hope you will enjoy the LaraX body as much as your Lara body, or more! (but either way, you will have both, so you have options and you can switch between them effortlessly at any time).

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tank Top Gift for Lara Petite

Maitreya Tank Top Petite Gift

We have an exclusive color of the Maitreya tank top for Lara Petite, as a Maitreya VIP group gift at the Itty Bitty event. The tank tops at the Maitreya store have also been updated with a Lara Petite size!

Teleport to the IBTC event
Teleport to Maitreya

For live help, chat and to stay informed about grid wide releases for the Maitreya mesh body and mesh body add-ons join our Discord group

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Vintage Jeans and Malika Top

Maitreya Vintage Jeans & Malika Top

The Vintage Jeans come in three different lengths, for bare feet, medium feet and high feet. There is a high-waist and low-waist version included. The jeans are available in 7 colors and the scripted fatpack has 7 bonus colors added.
The Malika top is a bandeau style top that is perfect for the summer days! It comes in a Lara and a Lara petite size and there are 10 colors to choose from. The scripted fatpack has 10 additional bonus colors.

Both the Malika top and the Vintage jeans are materials enabled.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rêve Lingerie Set

We have collaborated with Erratic to bring you the most luxurious and dreamy lingerie set: Rêve
You can buy the panties, bra, suspenders with stockings and babydoll separately, or as a complete set. The pieces are available in 9 colors and the all colors fatpack comes with 8 additional bonus colors!!

Rêve Lingerie Set

The Rêve set is made for the Lara mesh body and the Lara Petite add-on.

A lot of love and hard work went in to the creation of the Rêve lingerie set and we hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it!

You can find the Rêve lingerie set at the right 'wing' (side) of the Maitreya store. It is placed in the display wall that separates the right and left side. (when you tp to Maitreya isle, you choose the right entrance of the main building and it will be on the wall to your left)

Teleport to Maitreya
The lingerie set will btw also be sold at Erratic!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Petite add-on for Lara mesh body

Lara Mesh Body Petite Add-on

The Petite is a small breast add-on for the Lara mesh body.

This add-on requires you to wear the latest V5.2 version of Lara (which is in the redelivery servers now).
The Petite add-on hides and replaces your Lara chest. It comes with it's own HUD with textures created by Mochi Milena (Pink Fuel) in the usual (Glam Affair) skin tones.
Just like the Lara breasts, the Petite add-on has 3 nipple shapes to choose from: regular, hard and puffy. There are also the optional HD nipples with 30 high resolution textures.

We are putting the finishing touches on a new Lara mesh body kit that will contain the small breast add-on. We are hopeful and confident that some mesh creators will specialize in creating content for Lara Petite, or will add these sizes to their new collections in the near future.

Please note: Since the petite add-on breasts are smaller than the regular Lara breasts, some mesh clothing made for the Lara mesh body may not fit it well. However BoM and applier layers are totally supported. The Petite add-on has it's own 3 layers (Tattoo, Underwear, Clothing) to replace your Lara layers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Shanti for Lara

Shanti for Lara

We are happy to join the Stay at Home Club, an initiative in second life to bring fun and gifts in these difficult times.

The Maitreya Gold Shanti heels were originally made as sculpties, in 2009. The Shanti were at the time our 'best seller' heels, the most popular shoes we ever made.
We converted these sculpties to mesh and resized them to fit the Lara mesh body feet high. We have added a few new colors too.

We want to offer the Shanti heels as a gift to everybody who loved them in 2009 and who would now like to wear them again with their Lara mesh body and to everyone who joined second life since.

You can find the Shanti Fatpack gift on the desk at the Maitreya store
Teleport to Maitreya

Please stay safe!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Bakes on Mesh

We have made a BoM relay hud for the Lara mesh body, so you can try out the Bakes on Mesh (BoM) feature, that was recently released by Linden Lab. This is not an "Update" to the Lara body, it's just a tool to let you see what the new feature is and how you can use it.
Consider this a preview tool - nothing more. It will function normally for skins and layers, but alpha layers will not work until the full BoM body is released, due to needed changes to the mesh body itself. For alpha, for now, use the Lara HUD as you currently do.

Please keep in mind that older pre-mesh-body skins will work, but expect to see some odd texture effects around the fingers and toes. This is because the default SL avatar has no toes and no fingernails and these skins were made with that in mind. So in order for your toes and fingers to appear properly, no matter if your skin textures are applied to your body or bakes on mesh, it is key that the skin was created for the Maitreya body.

The new Bakes on Mesh feature does not influence your mesh clothing in any way, you can still use that as you always have. BoM also won't influence your Tattoo, Underwear, and Clothing layers. They too can still be used the way you always have (with Tattoo, Underwear, Clothing appliers made for Maitreya or Omega). You can use the new BoM features in combination with the mesh body layers, to allow for more layering options.

To use the BoM relay:
Make sure you have removed your full body alpha layer (The one that hides your default body) and that you are using a BoM capable viewer. Then simply wear or add the BoM relay as you would any HUD or applier and touch it to activate. Now every texture you have on your default body will be "baked" together on the SL server and sent to your mesh body. Each time you add, remove, or move a layer within the stack, your body will re-rez to display that change.

Note that others near you who are not in a BoM capable viewer, will not be able to see the baked textures on your mesh body.

To switch back to your standard mesh body: add your full body alpha and just re-apply your skin (on the hud or with a skin applier).

Where do we go from here?
This relay is a temporary measure to allow you to see and play around with the possibilities of BoM. It is our intention to have BoM fully implemented in the next update of the Lara mesh body - this will be a free update, you will not have to buy a new body. BoM will be an addition to the Lara mesh body, not a replacement of anything. We fully understand that many of you have invested a lot of time and money in both buying and creating appliers. We also expect that for certain things the use of appliers and dedicated layers might still be preferred.

There has been an update in the works for quite some time now. We want to express our gratitude for your patience and want to use this opportunity to explain a bit about what has been taking us so long. First of all, because nothing crucial was broken or malfunctioning, we felt less pressure to release an update fast. Our plans for the next update were based on your requests for things to be added to Lara and on some new ideas we had for the mesh body. The road turned out to be a lot more rocky than we anticipated and the progress was frustrated more than once. We came across some unforeseen obstacles that challenged us, but we feel we are in a better position now to move forward.

Please understand that we cannot give an ETA for the next generation of Lara. We have learned too well how dependent we are on too many variables. In addition, BoM is in its early stages. It will be interesting to see in which way it will enrich us and what it won't be useful for. Now that BoM has been released some of the insurmountable obstacles we were trying to overcome are removed. We have been re-thinking the layer system and how to best use it in a world where BoM exists. Some changes and features that you have been asking for will be addressed. In the coming weeks as more viewers, thus more users become BoM capable, your wants and needs may change. Please let us know if your needs change so we can take the new information into account as we wrap up the next generation of your body and get it ready to send out to you.

The BoM Relay HUD will be shared in the Maitreya VIP group and in the Maitreya Lara Friends group. You can find it here on marketplace and it's copy/transfer, so it can be shared with your friends.