Thursday, January 24, 2013

Maitreya Night Life

There is a dazzling amount of newness out at Maitreya!

Maitreya Night Life

Today's release is all about partying stylishly all night!

The ultra sexy and edgy Maitreya Gold Shiki platform heels are one of the 7 pieces in the collection released today. The shoe comes in 9 strap colours, as well as 30 different platform colours which are all scripted! These heels only come unrigged and are resize-able. They also have a bare foot option included, as the shoes can be toggled on or off with a button on the HUD. This means that you actually get the Maitreya Gold mesh tip-toe bare feet for free!

 Maitreya Night Life

The rest of the collection can be viewed on flickr, we'll link to each along with a brief description.

Mignon-Evening Dress - This extra luxurious and elegant version of the Mignon dress is strapless with an all new satin texture, in 12 rich colours.

Mignon Top - These strapless tops also come in 12 colours of shiny soft satin and will prove to be a perfect wardrobe staple item that will give so much class to any outfit.

Leather Mini Skirts - These are high waisted and come in 15 different colours and leather styles, ranging from vivid, bright leathers to faded used leathers. Style couldn't be more sexy!

Magan jacket - Probably the most seasonable item of this release. These belted short jackets come in wool and in suede textures. There are 10 colours to choose from.

Leathe Skinny Pants - This collection would not be complete without a new sexy Maitreya pants with its improved signature shape. These are highly detailed, with mesh zippers and a warm palette, with 8 natural colours to choose from.

Also shown in all the above pictures is the Calgary Clutch. The colours and texture designs that these clutches are available in, range from classic and classy to trendy and outspoken. There are 20 colour designs in total.

We hope to see you at Maitreya and that you will enjoy and totally rock this collection!

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