Feet Auto-Select

The Feet Auto-Select script can be placed in the content of your shoes and will select the Maitreya Lara feet that need to be worn with your shoes. It only works for both feet.

To set up the script

Place the script in the content of your shoes, you can change the scripts next owner permission to copy/no transfer or to transfer/no copy. In the Feet Auto-Select Confiq Notecard you need to write name of the feet shape you want the script to auto select for your shoes. The names are: flat, low, mid, high and ballet. Insert the notecard in the shoes as well. The script will now read the load card and will delete it. Set up is complete.

To remove the script from a no mod object:
In local chat type: /96 (part of the) name of the item delete. Example: /96 boots delete

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