Thursday, March 27, 2008


Named after a rare orchid: Mishima Dawn, our latest sculpted ankle boots. The initial idea was to make a revamped version of the limelight ankle boots. But one thing led to another and the outcome was a complete new design, which of course deserved a bunch of new textures too. Instead of making tons of colours, we decided to create a few different materials for these ankle boots. The result is a total of 25 flavours to choose from. There are the basic leathers with suede tops, that come in 7 colours. A variation on these are the 7 'ruff leathers', with a sparkly kind of rougher leather top. Last but not least is the series of patent and highly shiny leathers, in different combinations.
The (free) demo at our mainstore contains all colours and materials, so take your time to examine them all and see which one(s) work best for you. Of course there are also fatpacks available: a leathers pack of 7, a ruff leathers pack of 7 and a patents & shines pack of 11.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

News and Newness

They are finally out: the ChiChi pumps in Velvets! There are 8 colours (Cherry blossom, Cerise, Lavender blush, Green, Amethyst, Black, Brown and Golden) and ofcourse a fatpack option. The trims for the velvet ChiChis are scripted for 21 colour options. The shoes are also for sale on OnRez if you want to give them to someone or if you just feel like lagfree shopping.

I've also layed a final hand to the sculpted slouch socks. These socks were shown on the Slinky stilettos poster and many people asked about them since. I wanted to make some adjustments before releasing them and well... I can be rather slow with these things. But they have improved and they are out now in 19 colours!

We wanted to do something nice for members of the maitreya update group, and decided to introduce ramdom gifts on release days. From now on we will pick 3 names of groupmembers every time we have a new release and send the winners a gift. We started with this today and the winners have received a fatpack of the ChiChi pumps in velvets, congratulations!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

new releases!

They're out at last! We've been sitting on them for weeks, but we really wanted to redesign our shoe department before releasing them. It's a round toe, platformed stiletto pump in soft suede textures. The shape derived from the ChiChi pumps, but with Verve we tried to make more of a basic pump. It was something we wanted to make for a long time already: a round toed suede pump, because you don't find a lot of them in sl (I think). They come with a tan and a black coloured sole.

More Slinky Stilettos
We also released 9 new bright colours of the slinky stilettos, in patent leather.

So 9 warm coloured soft suede platform pumps 'Verve', 9 new vibrant colours for the slinky stilettos and an all new look for the store, yay!!