Friday, February 19, 2016

Maitreya Mesh Body Update

There is an update (V3.5) out for the Maitreya Mesh Body. This update will be automatically sent to you when you login to sl while wearing a previous version of the body, or when you attach a previous version.
- You can now choose to hide the feet and hands on the HUD, instead of detaching and re-attaching them.
- There are new group buttons on the alpha HUD, for quick and easy alpha hiding.
- We updated the alpha auto-hide script. The set up is now a lot easier and items with the new auto-hide script will also unhide their hidden parts, when detached.
This feature is meant to make life easier for both mesh body users and mesh content creators. No matter how well a mesh item has been fitted and rigged for the body, small or larger parts of the body will often still need to be hidden. Mesh body users like to change clothing without the hassle of hiding and unhiding parts of their body. While for content creators it's often mission impossible to make their mesh work with each animation, for each shape slider setting, without the need for alpha. If a clothing item knows which parts of the body to hide, does this automatically and also unhides those parts when it gets detached, there is no more hassle for the customers. We hope the new auto-hide script will run smoothly. But please note it is still in beta. We are open to feedback and ideas that help us improve things.

All items that only had standard sizes have been removed from the store. This means that all clothing and footwear at the store now is either made specifically for the Lara mesh body, or has been updated with a Lara size. We will keep updating older items now and then, and when an item is updated, it will return to the store. Most older items can still be purchased on marketplace.