Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seven New Maitreya Mesh Pieces

We are happy to announce that we have added more fashionable pieces to our mesh department, this Christmas eve. This big release offers 7 brand new items, for lots of mixing and matching fun and to create some awesome looks!

All of the items come in the Standard Sizes and there are demos available to try everything on.

The elegant Silk Neck-Tie Blouse is a slim cut top that comes in 12 colors. It was initially created with the Anais pencil skirts in mind, but by adding the optional belted bottom part, this blouse became a must-have and very versatile wardrobe piece.

The Cul-de-Sac dress is available in 12 (striped) colors and comes with an optional big tie in front. You'll find that this dress can be worn in different ways to create very different looks. Worn as a long top on a pair of leather pants will make it a perfect piece to dress up in glam-rock style. Combined with a tights and long boots will give it a very cute girly look.

The Ava Jacket is available in 5 soft, neutral colors as well as 4 bright and bold colors. With its puffy sleeves it is one of those pieces that makes us really happy with the option of mesh creation in sl!

This also goes for the Athena Sweater. With it's draped scoop back this sweater will give sexy to your every day casual look. It comes in striped prints and 12 colors.

The Anais Skirt is a high waisted pencil skirt, with a thin leather belt. Picking up on this seasons trend, it wears just below the knee. It comes in a polka-dot and in a 'miu miu-ish' bird print. Both print options are available in 6 colors.

The Leather Leggings are skinny leather pants, that come in 7 colors. We are finally able to have realistic and femininely shaped legs and be warned, for you might never want to go back to system pants ;)

Last but not least, are the Alexa Wedges! In the past we often received requests for more fresh and bright colors for our footwear. These wedged booties are the perfect basics that look great in so many colors. There are 24 colors to choose from, and they are also available in 6 color packs with 4 colors each!

All items have fatback options that will save you 40 to 50% and sometimes even more! The pieces of this new release are packed in vendors that also have a gift option when you right click them. The previously released Maitreya Mesh items don't have this gift option yet, but they are available on marketplace if you would like to gift them to your loved ones.

Please note that Maitreya is still under construction and until the new store is finished you will be able to find all Maitreya Mesh in the previous Maitreya footwear department.

 We wish you a lovely Christmas!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maitreya Mesh - Nolita Dress & Leather Satchel

Continuing with our mesh releases, our next installment adds two items to our mesh collection.

The Nolita dress is chic and elegant and can be styled with sophistication or with a more casual look. It's  available in 8 plain colors as well as in 4 other textures that are inspired by the colorblock trend.

The leather satchel can be worn on your hand, forearm or shoulder. There is a version included for each attachment spot. The bags are all non-rigged and modifiable. There is an additional rigged version included to be worn on the shoulder.

Free demos are available for all the mesh items in all sizes and versions.

Please note that Maitreya is currently under construction and will have a completely new store build soon. All Maitreya Mesh can be found in the previous Maitreya footwear department, which is a temporary and improvised location until the new build is complete.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maitreya Mesh - Radical Boots

We here at Maitreya are joining the "Mesh Revolution" with our first mesh release and lots more on the way!

These edgy Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots come in 10 colors: 5 soft leathers, 5 reptile leathers. Each leather has its own fatpack. They will be available in standard sizes in rigged and also non-rigged resizeable versions.

Please note that Maitreya is currently under construction and will have a completely new store build soon. The Radical Boots can be found in the previous Maitreya footwear department, which is a temporary and improvised location until the new build is complete.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Maitreya Treaders

For all of you who prefer (or just like) heels without sculpted feet, sparing you the hassle of skin matching, we now offer the Maitreya Treaders!
They are available in 12 colors. There are 4 mini pack options, with 3 colors each and ofcourse a fatpack that contains all 12 colors. These heels are a Maitreya release (not Maitreya Gold), so you can find them in the left wing of the main building.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

By popular demand

Last week we had a "by popular demand" release. New takes and variations on some of our popular Maitreya Gold creations from the past.

The Maitreya Gold Moxie wedges have been revamped with a new sole option, in 3 colors and comes with toes now.

Salience in two previously unreleased colors, with tights and socks instead of toes. We have released these Special Edition Salience at this years shoe fair and they are now finally available at the main store

YaXkin is the flat sandal version of IXkin (one of the very first Maitreya Gold creations we released).

We have received many requests over the last 2 years to release the bare feet without shoes (thanks to everyone for showing this interest!) We really hope we have lived up to the expectation and are very excited to finally be able to offer bare feet in 2 versions. There is a flat feet version and a tip-toe version available.

Find them inworld or on slmarketplace!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maitreya Gold Allègre

2011 elegance with a hint of vintage! The new Maitreya Gold Allègre heels are available in 9 colors. With suede straps and accent trims that are color-changeable, these shoes can be styled in soft harmonious tones or in more contrasting color sets. Find them inworld or on slmarketplace!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Silver Moonlight

The Maitreya 'Silver Moonlight' summer collection is a collection of chic, elegant pieces for the fashion-conscious woman with class. There are one-shoulder dresses, tucked-in blouses, belted boyfriend shirts and trendy chinos in tons of colors!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maitreya Gold Flip-Flops

These new Maitreya Gold flip-flops are available in 20 vibrant and fresh colors and there is ofcourse also a fatpack option with all colors scripted in one. Each color is scripted with two insole options: a floral print or in it's solid color. They come with toe-rings in 3 metal tones, to be worn on the left, the right or on both feet. There are anklets included in 3 designs, each scripted with several color options. The anklets can be combined in any way you like.

You can tp to the Maitreya sim
or find them here on slmarketplace

Monday, April 25, 2011

Three new hairstyles today!

We have released 3 new hairstyles and introduced 10 new hair colors!

We received some requests for dark blonds and light browns. That is why we reorganized the hair packs a bit and added some new shades. The following information may sound confusing :) Ofcourse there are demos of the new hair colors and this color chart will also clear things up, hopefully

(click to enlarge)

* The Blacks and the Reds packs are the same as they were before
* Almond and Caramel are now part of the 'Browns Light' pack, and there are 3 new shades of light brown added to that pack.
* Beach Blond has moved from the peroxides pack to the 'Blonds Light' pack. We have also added a new shade to this pack.
* As a replacement for 'Beach Blond', we brought back 'Peroxide Blond' In the Peroxides Pack.
* Gold Blond and Ash Blond are now part of the 'Blond Darks' pack, together with 3 new shades of dark blond
* The 'Browns Dark' pack is the old 'Browns' pack, except that Caramel has been replaced by a new shade.
* The 'Reddish Browns' pack is the old 'Nuts Pack', except that Almond has been replaced by a new shade.
* From now on some of the light hair colors will have subtly darker roots for certain hair styles.

We hope to update the older hairstyles with the new hair colors soon!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Hair!

We have released 3 new hairstyles and the Lauren hair that was previously sent in the update group as a Christmas gift, is now also released in all color packs and with a new hairband texture in 20 colors.

We also have a completely new hairstore, that will hopefully make the shopping experience more pleasant :)