Thursday, January 17, 2008

Slinky Stilettos in Patent Leather

We have updated the slinky stilettos in it's shape and it's textures. The nose of the stiletto is now a little flatter, so that the long pointy shape of the nose would get more pronounced. The idea for these pumps was to create a basic, classy yet sexy stiletto that every girl just needs to have in her wardrobe. These stiletto pumps will be perfect to wear with those beautiful gowns and classic dresses you can find in sl, but they would also top a 80's kinda rockchic look. Anyway, I hope they can be inspiring and an addition to your wardrobe :)

They come in 9 patent leather colours and 3 different sole versions for the patent black, so a total of 12 flavours to choose from. Every colour has a version with and a version without steel included, as also an extra right foot with walking sounds (extra so you can easily get rid of it if you don't like the sound huds in shoes)