Wednesday, November 22, 2023

We proudly present an entirely new version, a next generation of Lara: LaraX

The long anticipated arrival of our neXt generation Lara mesh body is finally here! If you update your Lara mesh body you will find the LaraX body in the folder, alongside your original Lara mesh body. There is a redeliver button on your Lara HUD -> misc page, or you can use the redelivery terminal at the store.

The LaraX body was made with all your requests in mind: it is a rounder, softer version of Lara, with smoother weights (which was a request from many content creators who had to work with the kit). We have improved the shape of the shoulders and arms, slimmed the wrists down a bit, smoothened the ankles and wrists, improved the weights of the breasts to look better on higher slider settings, we added a jiggle option for the butt (physics), and improved the geometry flow of the body for a softer and more defined shape.

These changes to the mesh and to the weights do imply that content that was made for Lara most often will not fit the LaraX body. The LaraX body should be perceived as a new and different mesh body, requiring it’s own size mesh clothes. For this reason the LaraX is not a replacement of your original Lara body, but a complementary body. For your existing wardrobe you can keep wearing your original Lara and as more and more things will be made for LaraX, you can switch over or switch between them as you wish.

As many of you have also requested, the LaraX alpha HUD has more and smaller sections to alpha out in the torso area. The alpha auto-hide script (that is often used in mesh clothing) is still the same. But because the alpha sections are different, it is important to set the script up for the right body. Content made for Lara, containing an alpha auto-hide script, will not hide the correct parts on LaraX

The hands and feet haven’t changed, so footwear and hand jewellery that was made for Lara, will also fit LaraX. Skins, BoM layers and appliers will all still work on LaraX as well.

The LaraX and LaraX Petite bodies come with the beautiful Venus skin from Velour, in 20 skintones (skin presets in the HUD and BoM layers)! Also included for LaraX and for LaraX Petite are 3 gorgeous lingerie sets by Addams, Blueberry and Velour!!

There is also a LaraX version for the Petite add-on and we have introduced a full body option for petite now too. For those who bought the Petite Add-on for their Lara body before there was a choice (between full body or add-on), we made a special redeliver option in the redelivery, with the full body Petite as an extra. For people who don’t yet own the Petite there will simply be a choice between the Petite as add-on (which requires the Lara/LaraX body) or the Petite as full body, if they don’t own the Lara/LaraX body.

The Flat Chest Add-on has not yet been made compatible with LaraX. We hope to complete that the coming weeks. As soon as we finish that, we will release it like the Petite.

We will also be working on LaraX (and LaraX Petite) updates for our clothes collection at the Maitreya store.

We hope you will enjoy the LaraX body as much as your Lara body, or more! (but either way, you will have both, so you have options and you can switch between them effortlessly at any time).