Sunday, August 14, 2016

Important Announcement for Mesh Creators

Designers who work from template mesh are an important part of the mesh clothing industry in Second Life, and we seek to provide venues where they can buy the raw materials without the worry of being subjected to legal action or takedowns due to circumstances that were beyond their control.

So, by popular demand we have decided to open up dev kit applications for full permission creators. There is one important restriction and that is that you can't sell, transfer or in any way share the .DAE, .FBX, or any other file format that contains the weights. Selling the full permission items made with our kit is limited to selling inworld copies. We welcome full permission stores who have a strong TOS and who themselves have been respectful about the property and copyrights of others, to apply for a full perm kit license. We will of course add this category to our blog list of approved developers, as a reliable source for everyone who seeks legal, properly fit, high quality full permission (or also called template) mesh.

If you are a 'Full Perm' designer/creator, we are asking that you please complete the application form (again, I know....) and select the Full Permissions option.  This will help us get to you much faster because having to go back through that list and read every entry to find you will take forever...

The application can be found here: Mesh Creation Kit Application

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mihira Bikini

Maitreya Mihira Bikini

We have a new Lara mesh body exclusive Bikini in store. The Mihira bikini comes with an optional jewelry piece. This boho style jewelry piece has a color-change HUD for the metal and the stones (metal in 5 color options, the stones in 6 options). The bikini is available in 12 colors and textures. The fatpack is fully HUD-driven with all 12 colors plus 6 bonus colors!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Maitreya Naomi Bodysuit

We have two brand new items for the Lara mesh body out at the MBA fair. The Naomi bodysuit is available in 8 colors. The HUD driven fatpack comes with 4 bonus colors! The little string knot at the bottom can be hidden, to wear this bodysuit with the new High Waisted Jeans shorts. The high waisted jeans shorts are available in 6 colors and also have a HUD driven fatpack option. There are two versions of the shorts included: torn and rolled. Both versions come with an optional leather belt.

Maitreya High Waisted Shorts

You can find both new releases at the MBA Fair