Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Shanti for Lara

Shanti for Lara

We are happy to join the Stay at Home Club, an initiative in second life to bring fun and gifts in these difficult times.

The Maitreya Gold Shanti heels were originally made as sculpties, in 2009. The Shanti were at the time our 'best seller' heels, the most popular shoes we ever made.
We converted these sculpties to mesh and resized them to fit the Lara mesh body feet high. We have added a few new colors too.

We want to offer the Shanti heels as a gift to everybody who loved them in 2009 and who would now like to wear them again with their Lara mesh body and to everyone who joined second life since.

You can find the Shanti Fatpack gift on the desk at the Maitreya store
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Please stay safe!