Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Update Group transition

There has been a lot of confusion about our Maitreya Update Group today. We've received many IM's from group members thinking they got kicked out of the group over something they did wrong. You've done nothing wrong, we're simply utilizing a simpler way to get updates to you without spam. If you were a member of the old Maitreya Update group, you have automatically been added to the new Subscribe-o-Matic Maitreya update group. We did announce this transition a few days ago, but apparently those messages were overlooked or perhaps never came through for many people.
We have already sent our first notice in the new group, earlier today, with a little gift: a sculpted leather belt.
If you didn't notice this gift/message you can still get it by touching the subscribe sign we have at the store and choosing 'history' from the menu. You'll always find all previously sent notices there. We are so sorry for the confusion ♥