LaraX vs Lara V5.3

LaraX is a new version, a neXt generation, of the Lara mesh body.

Weights and Mesh

The weights on LaraX are smoother and cleaner, making the body easier to work with for content creators. She now has butt physics and the breast shape stays more intact when they grow (high breast slider settings).

The mesh of the LaraX body is also smoother and more defined. The geometry has a better flow, resulting in a rounder and softer body. LaraX has:

  • Rounder wrists and ankles
  • Thinner wrists
  • Reshaped shoulders
  • More defined groin area
  • Reshaped arms

Because of these changes to the weights and to the mesh, content made for Lara will most often not fit LaraX. LaraX should be considered a new body, requiring content that has been made in her specific size and with her specific weights.

We will keep offering the original Lara body (V5.3) alongside the LaraX body. They will come together in the package. So that you can switch between them according to your needs. 

Alpha HUD

Another change in LaraX concerns the Alpha HUD. LaraX has more alpha sections on the torso and less on the legs.

Note that this means that alpha auto-hide scripts in clothes, that were set up for Lara, will not look correct on LaraX. Only alpha auto-hide scripts that were set up for LaraX will hide and show the correct parts.

* To remove an alpha auto-hide script from a no mod item: in local chat type: /95 (part of the) name of the item delete. Example: /95 jeans delete

* To change an alpha auto-hide script in a no mod item: in local chat type: /95 (part of the) name of the item menu. Example: /95 jeans menu

This command will open the set up menu and allow you to set up the script yourself.


The LaraX and LaraX Petite bodies comes with skins from Velour, in 20 skintones (skin presets on the HUD and BoM layers).

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