Skin Presets
The first row with 12 skin presets are the latest Glam Affair skin tones (1 to 12)

The second row skin presets are the 10 previous Glam Affair skin tones (Pearl, Artic, Europa, Asia, America, Jamaica, Exotic, India, Tropic, Africa).

On the right side of the second row skin presets, you will find the Bakes on Mesh (BoM) button. When toggled on, you body will be set to BoM mode. This will bake all textures worn on your default avatar to your mesh body. It is important to detach your alpha layer first. (If your body becomes invisible when you switch to BoM, you have forgotten to remove your Alpha layer)

Note that you can never take off a skin from the default body, you can only replace a skin. This means that in BoM mode, the skin on your default avatar will always get baked on your mesh body. If your default skin isn't made for the Maitreya body, you will most certainly see undesirable artifacts on the toes and fingers. We have included the Lara skins on tattoo system layers (wearables) for this reason. You can stack multiple tattoo layers on each other, but the order you wear and add them in determines what is shown above what. Therefore a skin on tattoo system layers needs to be worn first.

To leave BoM mode simply click the BoM button again and add your body Alpha layer (Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha).  The skin you were using prior to entering BoM mode will be restored.

Nipple Shape
There are two new nipple shapes added to the Lara mesh body V5: puffy and hard nipples. These were not part of the mesh body when it was first released, therefore some mesh clothing may not fit them perfectly. In that case you can always hide the nipple on the alpha page, or set your nipples to the original "Normal" shape.
HD Nipples
Another new addition to the Lara mesh body are the HD nipples. This is an extra layer with a highly detailed texture. You can toggle them on or off on the HUD. There are 30 skin shades for the HD nipples on the HUD and they can be tinted independently from the body. There is a new dev kit with the UV maps of the HD nipples and applier notecard, for those who would like to make appliers.

Note that the HD nipples have textures with an alpha channel, just like the layers. Therefore wearing the HD nipples with layers, could create alpha glitches. But this will only be a risk if the layer covers the nipple/areola. Which is no longer necessarily the case, since you can now also just apply to a specific area of your layer.

Neck Fix and neck sizes
The neck fix is a small prim that covers the seam at the neck between head and body. The neck fix does require a Maitreya skin applier to include a neck fix texture (not all skin appliers were made specifically for Maitreya and have the neck fix texture included).

For most mesh heads you will need to choose neck size 0 or 5 for a seamless fit.

The Advanced button opens a panel with extra options for customizing your body layer. Here you can tint your skin, your HD nipples or the shine from materials. There is the option to set your body in full bright mode and a slider for glow (both of these options are not really for every day use, but certain appliers or fantasy characters may require these options). On this advanced panel you also find the preset buttons and control sliders for materials: the specular (shine) and bump maps. The material presets are to enhance the realism and detailing of the skin.

With the new V5 applier scripts you can now also make appliers just for materials. Bakes on Mesh wearables lack the ability of materials, but by creating materials appliers for the body, those can be used in combination with BoM.

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