Petite add-on for Lara

"Petite" Small breasts add-on for Maitreya Lara mesh body

The add-on is to be worn with the Maitreya Lara mesh body V5.2 (or future >V5.2 version numbers)

The Petite Add-on HUD and layers replace your Lara HUD and layers. The Petite Add-on HUD contains small breasts skin textures, made by Mochi Milana, designer of the skin brand "Pink Fuel", made in the familiar (Glam Affair) skin tones, that you find in the Lara HUD.

The Petite add-on has 3 nipple shape options: Regular, Hard and Puffy, just like the Lara mesh body. It also has the optional HD nipples, with 30 high resolution textures.

When you attach (wear) the Petite add-on it will hide and thereby replace the torso of your Lara mesh body. When the Petite add-on gets detached, your Lara torso should become visible again. In the rare occasion that both the add-on and the body have been detached at once, it is possible that the next time you wear your mesh body, it still has the torso hidden. In that case you will need to briefly attach (and detach) the Petite add-on again, so that it can correct this.

Appliers and alpha auto-hide will work on your Petite add-on, as it does on your Lara body.


Mesh clothing that was not made specifically to fit the Petite add-on will not work properly. It will still be shaped to fit the regular breasts.
Appliers and BoM are fully supported.

This includes the layers that came with your body.
When you are wearing the Petite add-on, any layers you use (Tattoo, Underwear, and Clothing) need to be the layers that come with the Petite add-on.