Misc (Miscellaneous)

Reset scripts

This new button option will allow you to reset your body and layers scripts. It will open up the standard popup 'Blue Menu' on your screen with options. This process will take a little time, while the scripts are resetting you will not be able to make any changes to the body.

Delete scripts

You may need or want to delete the scripts from your body and layers, for instance if you want to visit a sim with scripts limits. It's important to first make a copy of your body and layers, so that you always have an adjustable copy, before deleting the scripts.
Deleting scripts is not a troubleshooting step, and it is irreversible. After it has been done the body and/or layers will no longer respond to the HUD.

The Delete menu options explained

* Button 1 "Body": This will remove all scripts from the body, except for the animation script. Thereby still allowing you to show your bento hands animated.
Note that even though layers scripts are not touched with this option, when the scripts from the body are removed, it will also no longer be possible to edit your layers.
* Button 2 "Selected Layer": This will remove the scripts from the layer you have as the active layer (the layer that is selected on the layers page, in the left upper window).
* Button 3 "all": This will remove all the scripts from body and the layers that are worn, including the animations.


For everyone's convenience there is a redeliver button on your HUD now. Of course you can also still visit the Maitreya sim to use the redelivery terminal. This is just an extra option to get your body redelivered.

If the redeliver button on your HUD isn't working, it is possible that your HUD needs to update itself with the latest server data. By teleporting to the Maitreya sim (for just a few seconds), your HUD (when worn) will automatically update this data.


This is a link to this help page

TP to store

Will give a teleport to the Maitreya store