Layers and Applying

The most obvious change in V5 of the Lara mesh body concerns the layers and how textures are applied to the layers.

Select layer
Layers are now separated from the body so you no longer need to wear a layer that you are not using.
You can wear (add) one, two or all three layers. Any layer can now also receive textures from multiple appliers, applied to different parts of the layer. There are 17 areas of a layer you can apply to, therefore you could in theory wear up to 17 different applier textures on a layer. This new feature also allows for one arm, one hand and one foot tattoos.

When attaching a layer a button will appear on the HUD, with the name of the layer type (tattoo, underwear or clothing). This will also automatically be the active layer. Actions performed on the layer page will only occur on the active layer.

If a second layer is added, then this layer becomes the active layer. By clicking on the 'select layer' buttons you can choose which layer you want as the active layer.

You can detach a layer directly from the hud by pressing the corresponding x for that layer.

When a layer gets detached too fast after a previous layer was detached, it is possible that the HUD doesn't show this correctly. In this rare case you can use the refresh button for the hud to update itself and show the current state of the layers.

The functions of the mannequin
Selection mode
You can select parts of the layer by clicking that part of the mannequin. You can also use the 'quick selection' buttons to select a bigger part of the mannequin in one click. In 'selection mode' this will determine which part of the layer textures will be applied to.
Hide/show mode
There is a second function of the mannequin: in 'hide/show mode' the toggling of the parts on the mannequin will determine which part of the layer will be visible allowing you to turn off parts of a layer without needing to clear the layer.

In the example on the photo on the left, there are two layers worn: underwear and tattoo layer and the tattoo layer is the active layer

The mannequin on the right side is in selection mode, with just the right arm selected (ready to get a tattoo applied to right arm).

Mask mode
When multiple layers with overlapping textures are worn, this can cause alpha glitches. Mask mode can be a solution in such a situation. By toggling mask mode on for a layer, this layer will turn to 'alpha masking' and will no longer create alpha glitches. Alpha masking does however change the appearance of a texture with grey scales in it's alpha.Therefore this fix will only work for a limited amount of applied textures.

Clear layer
Clear layer will remove textures from a layer and will set this layer to 100% transparency again. It will set the layer back to it's default state.
Clearing layer is sometimes advised to do before re-applying new textures to a layer, in case the previous applier has determined the transparency value of the layer (since the Lara HUD does not have a control slider for this, you can then bring the layer back to its default state by clearing it).

The advanced button will open a panel with extra options, for people to edit their applied textures in more detail. This panel contains the buttons and sliders to control materials (if materials are part of the applier used).

There is a tint panel to tint applied textures on the active layer and in case your applier has materials, you can also tint the shine (glossiness). The layer can be set to full bright or glow if a certain applier was intended for that.

Applying a tattoo to one arm

1. First make sure you are wearing a layer (tattoo layer is recommended for tattoos, because it's closest to the body)
2. Then make sure you are in selection mode (on the hud, layers page, buttons next to the mannequin).
3. Now you can select the part of the body you want to apply your textures to. You do this by toggling that part of the mannequin on with the 'quick selection' buttons, or you can also choose the 'none' button and then touch the arm, hand, feet etc. on the mannequin that you want to be selected.
4. If you now use your applier, it will apply to just this one section or the sections you selected.

Note 1: Older appliers may activate a popup window, asking you which layer to apply to. But since layers are separated from the mesh body base and not automatically worn, you must first make sure to be wearing a layer you choose to apply to.

Note 2: Omega appliers (require Omega Maitreya Relay HUD) and the newer Maitreya appliers can apply to any layer you choose, as long as you are wearing the layer and as long as it's active (it's active if it's selected in the left upper panel on the huds layers page).

Note 3: The socks of the tattoo layer in V5 has toes instead of a toe-cap. So you can have a tattoo on a toe now. But this also means that the tattoo layer is no longer appropriate for socks and stockings! We advise the underwear layer for socks and stockings. The gloves of the tattoo layer also more accurately follow the fingers. Both fingernails and toenails are above the tattoo layers socks and gloves. 

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