Alpha auto-hide

Items that have an alpha auto-hide script inside will automatically hide the parts of your mesh body that need to be hidden for that clothing item. When the clothing item is detached, the body will automatically show these parts again.

The new V5 alpha auto-hide kit has some new features and it's functioning is drastically improved.

What is new in V5:

* If you wear items with overlapping hidden parts and you detach one of the items, this will no longer un-hide the parts that still need to be hidden for the items you are still wearing.
* If the alpha auto-hide script inside a no mod mesh item you own is not to your liking (for instance because it hides too much of your mesh body in your opinion), you can now delete the script or change it.
- To remove the auto-hide script from a no mod item: in local chat type: /95 (part of the) name of the item delete. Example: /95 jeans delete
- To change the auto-hide script in a no mod item: in local chat type: /95 (part of the) name of the item menu. Example: /95 jeans menu
This command will open the set up menu and allow you to set up the script yourself.

How to set up the Maitreya AutoHide V5 script:
1. Wear the clothing item for which you want to make the alpha auto-hide.
2. On the Lara mesh body HUD, hide the parts as desired for this clothing item.
3. Rez your mesh clothing item (or a prim if the item is not editable) on the ground (You can't add a script to a worn item)
4. Drop the Maitreya Alpha Auto-Hide script into the clothing item or prim.
5. Now a menu with options will open. From the menu choose 'Get Alpha'. The HUD configuration will be read into the Auto-Hide script.
6. If you are satisfied with the results, click Finalize. This will lock in the Alpha configuration and allow the AutoHide to start working on attach and detach.

Other options in the menu:

- Test Alpha: allows you to check if its recorded right (after un-hiding all parts with 'show all' on the hud).
- Back up: this will give all the alpha data in chat, in the configuration mode that works with the script. You can save this in a notecard to keep for back up.
- Restore: when you have made a back-up notecard and now want to use this notecard to set up the next item, you can do that with restore.
- Rezzable: you can choose to make the item un-rezzable. The item will still be rezzable for you.

Note 1:  If you drag copies of your item, to make colors for instance, the script will need to be configured again. If you have all your copies on the floor, each with the auto-hide script inside, the 'get alpha' function will record the HUD alpha state for all copies. You will still need to touch each copy to finalize.

Note 2: If you made a prim with this script for personal use, it is important to remember that when you detach the prim, the hidden parts of your body will re-appear. So we advise to make the prim small and wear it on your screen, or in something that won't bother you too much.

Note 3: This script is by default copy/transfer. You can of course change this.

Note 4: Be sure to place the AutoHide script in the root prim of your clothing item. Placing it in another prim in the linkset will cause the OnDetach functions to fail.  

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